ux & visual design


Designing in the open

This page like much of this website is currently a work in progress. For anyone stumbling across this portfolio, they will likely see a largely complete design. But may find bugs and a lot incomplete bits of content.

It’s not a great reflection—but a busy life leads to slow but steady progress. Over the coming months, I hope to complete more portfolio & content pages, refine the poorer parts of the design and layouts.

Overall leading to a complete portfolio, with messaging that reflects my skill & ability to deliver you a wonderful website, that serves your customers.



  • Complete the task list
  • Make this page more readable
  • Improve site performance
  • Complete alt & figcaptions where necessary


  • Choose the 8 case studies I will work on
  • Create content for each portfolio
  • Complete 8 portfolio case studies
  • Create images for each case study
  • Complete the about page content
  • Complete the about page design
  • Complete the about page build
  • Complete the process page content
  • Complete the process page design
  • Complete the process page build
  • Complete the contact page

Design / functionality

  • Refine the responsive layout on work at small screen sizes
  • Learn how to use framer motion more effectively
  • Add authentication using Netlify Identity for specific pages
  • Refine the authentication request design
  • Create a better homepage flow
    • Break up the introduction and make it feel less like a text wall
    • Feature work better

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